The Best Vitamins for Energy Enhancement

images1Vitamins and minerals keep you in good health and full of vigor, which is why, when you feel exhausted and lacked of vitality, the foods and drinks rich in vitamins for energy can change your state for the better.

There are people who need these vitamins in greater quantities, who are into sports, have a very busy daily schedule or perform great physical effort, and, for them, consuming certain foods and drinks is not enough. That is where the supplements based on vitamins for energy come in. Here are some of the most popular and efficient vitamins in this category.

Iron is already known as an essential mineral, as it contributes to the creation of hemoglobin, which is incorporated in the human blood and helps carrying the oxygen to the cells. When you lack iron, the oxygenation process slows down, making you feel tired; also, anemia appears when the hemoglobin levels are too low.

You, not only feel tired, but you also look pale and you suffer from headaches or constipation. Getting your daily dose of iron is important. You can find in foods such as egg yolks, prunes, red meat, raisins, various grains and cereals, beans, liver, spinach and collards, for example.

Vitamin B12 is probably one of the best known vitamins for energy, as it does not only enhances the effects of the iron in the body, but it also eases the absorption of food, the synthesis of proteins and helps your metabolism to process fats and carbohydrates better.images2

The lack of it results, not only in fatigue, but also in dizziness and memory problems, leading to confusion, depression and even irritability. Getting your dose of Vitamin B12 is more than recommended, and you can do that by eating foods such as oysters, liver, caviar, clams, beef, cheese and eggs, for instance.

Another important vitamin is folic acid, also known as B9, needed, just like iron, for the good functioning of the red blood cells. The lack of it can lead to problems similar to the lack of B12, resulting, in the end, in a megaloblastic anemia. Folic acid can be obtained from spinach, romaine lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, oranges and grapefruits, beans, avocado, Brussels sprout, sunflower seeds, carrots and almonds.

Magnesium is part of the main vitality-creating molecule in your body, ATP, being one of the most known vitamins for energy. The lack of it leads to chronic fatigue, this being the most common cause for tiredness in the majority of people. Also, it leads to muscle spasms or cramps, which are quite painful and leave you helpless. If you are diagnosed as suffering from a lack of magnesium try eating rice, oat, wheat, pumpkin or watermelon seeds, dark chocolate, sesame or dry roasted soybeans.

Another option to get your daily dose of vitamins and increase your energy levels is to take supplements. However, remember to look for natural supplements only and to consult your doctor in order to know exactly which vitamins you lack.

Instead of spending all day in bed, when you feel tired and lifeless, start looking for the best vitamins for energy enhancement and things will get better.